I’ve been working in the web dev industry for the last ~5 years. I like it.

I find it mad that that’s around 20% of my life already, and I don’t plan on leaving the industry. Of course I was messing around with code and that long before I got my first job, so I’d say I’ve been coding since I was around 15 (not that I was any good at 15).

I do plan to make this site something more than a single page at some point, but for now this is all it’s gonna be.

On that note I’m gonna rattle off some of my favourite things to work with/things I know.

I know it gets a lot of hate, and some of it is well deserved, but in general WordPress is a good bit of kit and in my opinion it’s something any aspiring web developer should get familiar with. I mean, at the time of writing this; 52% of the entire internet (clearnet) is using WordPress. Have a look here for the current numbers. Most of the work I do is with WordPress, be it theme development or plugin development. Usually what I work on are things outside of core functionality, such as booking systems and stuff like that.
I really, really like Laravel, though I don’t have too much experience with it. As much as I just praised WordPress, Laravel is much more sophisticated. A lot of people make direct comparisons between the two but I’m not sure that’s fair, in my eyes they’re meant for different things. If you want a large, scalable web application you should consider Laravel over WordPress, but for most websites I think WordPress fits the bill quite nicely.
I’m not about to gas about PHP and how good it is, because it isn’t, there are a few things that annoy me about PHP, mainly the inconsistencies. I don’t hate the language though, and I don’t think it’s quite as bad as everyone says it is (I actually enjoy it). A good article on the bad things in PHP can be found here, it goes pretty hard but I think it gives a good perspective though somewhat old. Aside from all that PHP is definitely my strongest language, I’ve used it on a daily basis for years.
SQL is nice, I like writing SQL queries, not quite sure why but I know I find it enjoyable. I’ve only worked with MySQL, and as such that dialect of SQL, but I can’t imagine there’s too much difference across the board. I’m more proficient than your average monkey in SQL, a “SELECT *” query isn’t the limit of my ability. Having said that I’m no expert.
Apache is pretty good, used it for a few years and I’m pretty comfortable setting up a W/M/LAMP stack, but I’ve straight up dumped it for nginx and the stack for valet for local development.
nginx is an interesting one, I don’t have any particular reason for why I prefer to use it over Apache, aside from that it’s what valet uses, and since I’m using that locally, it makes sense to use it on production servers as well.
Valet / Valet plus
If you’re a web developer using any PHP framework and you’re not using Valet, trust me, go and give it a go. You will not be disappointed, it’s just so easy and nice to use. Now the catch with Valet is that it’s built for Mac only. However if you’re on Linux there is a port you can find here, BUT if you are on Mac, I suggest going for Valet plus anyway, It’s a fork of the original, and it’s better.
I think every developer uses this, or maybe mercurial (which I’ve never used). It’s just good.
I’m not particularly hype about JS, I don’t hate it at all, but I’m just not super in to it. I think it does what it does well, and that’s al we can ask of it. I do wonder where WebAssembly will leave JS in the future though. Since I don’t do much JS, I’m gonna fit this in here, I’ve dabbled with Vue.js which I did really like. Even built a little app with it once for work. Oh, and of course I know jQuery
I think I’d need to be worried about my job security if I didn’t know these. I jive with SASS/SCSS too. I’ve also worked with Bootstrap which is pretty nifty, and Chota which I quite like. This site uses Picnic which was mainly to try it out. I’m thinking of playing around with Tailwind at some point too.

Just wanted to take a quick pause. Going to be moving on to the bits and bobs I do that don’t really have much to do with web development.

I love rust, it’s probably my favourite language to work with. I mainly use it for building command line tools and quick scripts. I’m not super proficient with this language, probably because I don’t use it daily, but I know it well enough to use it for simple projects.
I’m purely putting this here because everyone seems to know python. I wouldn’t say I even know Python properly anymore. I built some cool stuff with it a couple years ago like a nifty little terminal Reddit client, I haven’t touched it since really. I’m sure I could pick it up again relatively easily, but I don’t see the point doing so, trying to maintain up to date knowledge on a language that you don’t use at work and don’t particularly enjoy anyway is just a waste of your time in my opinion.

Maybe this should have been a blog post instead. Oh well.

Actually about me

I’m 22, live and work in England.